10 Best Typefaces in Adobe Fonts

Confused about over 20,000 fonts of Adobe Fonts? Well, we have got the top picks sorted for you.

Sat Jul 16, 2022

10 Best Typefaces in Adobe Fonts

When you purchase the Creative Cloud, a massive library of over 20,000 typefaces comes along. Working with one of them becomes difficult with so many possibilities. If you too are looking around for the perfect typeface for your work but are confused, then you are at the right place. After keen observation of the latest trends and conventional typefaces of Adobe Fonts, we have picked the top 10 choices to make it easier for you.

So, let’s get started!

How to choose the best typefaces in Adobe Fonts?

Well, before we move forward with the typefaces recommendations, it’s important for you to understand how to choose the perfect typeface for your work. Below are a few tips for you to keep in mind while selecting the typefaces.

Choose a legible font

Initially, this may seem obvious to you but it’s the first thing to keep in mind. These are fonts that are hard to read or are too crunched into each other or are too wide-spaced that the words get lost on the way. Thus it’s necessary to make sure that you pick an easy-to-read font especially if it appears on the screen for 3 or more seconds.

Look for a font in different styles

Another important thing is to see the typefaces in different styles since you may require them to header, title or the text part of your work. Look for the fonts that go well in all the styles.

Look for the clean and flexible characters

If you are focusing on a work that needs designing, then the best option is to go for the fonts that are clean and flexible, both at the same time. While deciding on a font, make sure to check the individual characters since it will make sure that you face fewer issues while creating animations.

Choose typefaces that work together

When it comes to creating a good piece of work, contrast takes the front seat and the same goes with the fonts. While choosing the typefaces, make sure to select the ones that go well when combined and create visual contrast.

Top 10 typefaces in Adobe Fonts

Keeping in mind the struggle of selecting a typeface, we have got some great recommendations for you to lessen the effort and time you have to spend in selecting them. So, here goes our recommendations.


The clean, clear and beautiful typeface is specially designed to go well with both the headings and the text. This font looks traditional and modern, both at the same time. It makes a good font option when you wish to experiment with bold and italic styles.

FF More

Another typeface that focuses on clean alphabets is FF More. This is preferred when someone wants to create a comparatively clear design.


With weighted characters, Freight is a font that works better for titles and subtitles. In Italic style, the characters appear more chiseled and add more design to the work.


The go-to font for many, Abril works in almost all cases without leaving much space between the characters. Abril is clean enough that it can be preferred for a wide range of projects which makes it one of the most versatile fonts.

Museo Sans

Museo Sans not only gives varied options when it comes to weighted characters but only provides several options for the condensed and rounded version of characters. The font in itself makes for everything that is needed to complete a project.


Came into existence in 1927, Futura since then has become one of the favorite fonts for designers due to the cleanliness of its geometric styles. When it comes to selecting a safe font, Futura is the option.


This font with a clean design provides a complete range of options including the wide characters that may be needed to fill in the screen with only a few words. The friendly font owner works great while creating branding campaigns.


Cairo is a font with more squarish characters and so it comes in handy for projects that need angular designs and tight blocks in the titles and subtitles.

Learning Curve

The font with more mono designs, Learning Curve is a script typeface that goes well for the motion designers. Learning Curve is more preferred as the script typeface since it facilitates the process to an extent because of the same width throughout.


Tekton can be said as the hybrid of digital and handwritten fonts. The clean and simple has different slant angles for the different fonts and so it comes to play when someone wants to go for a handwritten look.

Now that you have the recommendations, you can jump-start your project.

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