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As a professional, you must be using Excel in day-to-day life. Have these 10 Excel skills and you can easily do more in your job!

Post on 23, November 2021

10 Must-Have Excel Skills For Professionals

While working on a professional career, you will come across the need to use Microsoft Excel every single day. You can even call it the most advanced spreadsheet software available out there as of now. It is possible for you to get the most out of Microsoft Excel to get work done in day-to-day life. 

However, you need to be equipped with Excel skills to do it. Here’s a list of 10 Excel skills that you must have as a professional in 2021.

1.  Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables can help you to summarize large amounts of data effectively. It is possible to use a pivot table and count, sort, take the average, or calculate the total of data stored within a spreadsheet. 

You can display summarized data within a new table. Before you start working with pivot tables, it is a good idea to double-check and make sure that your data is clean.

2.  Data Sorting

You can easily sort data you have with the help of Microsoft Excel. There are multiple methods available to sort data as well. For example, you can sort data in numerical order, reverse alphabetical order or alphabetical order. 

Even though the concept of sorting data may sound like an easy thing to do with Excel, you need to understand that it can become tricky at times. If you make a mistake with data sorting, you will end up messing up your entire spreadsheet. Hence, it is better to have good data sorting skills in Excel.

3. Data Filtering

Data Filtering is one of the features on Excel that you will often access. If you are a beginner at Excel, you should master the skill of data filtering. Then you can stand out from your colleagues. Along with data filtering, make sure that you also learn about data search, data hiding, and data sort. It is an everyday skill that will help you as you work with Excel.

4. Data Validation

As you enter data into Excel cells, you will need to validate and make sure that they are correct. Otherwise, you will have to encounter problems in the long run. This is why you should be equipped with excellent data validation skills. 

With the help of data validation, you can correct all sorts of incorrectly entered numbers, date fields, and other types of data.

5. Vlookup

Vlookup is an advanced Excel skill, but it will benefit you in day-to-day life. Hence, it is worthy to invest your time to master Vlookup. Vlookup will help you to collate data that is available in multiple workbooks or sheets to a centralized location. It will help you with preparing reports in Excel.

6. Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis on Excel will surely help you to save time. That’s because this skill will keep you away from spending your time unnecessarily creating charts. 

It will help you to create data sets with ease. The time you spend to learn Quick Analysis on Excel by following a course would be totally worth the decision.

7. Conditional Formatting

When you know how to use the conditional formatting feature in Excel, you will be able to figure out the interesting data points quite effectively. There are multiple applications and rules to use this feature.

8.  Power View

Power View is a powerful data visualization and data exploration feature that you can find on Microsoft Excel. It is a handy skill to have as you will be able to save your time in day-to-day life. 

Along with the help of Power View, you can develop presentation-friendly reports, which are filled with interactive elements. You will even be able to export these reports directly to PowerPoint.

9.  IF Formulas

IF Formulas can help you as you write small scripts on Excel. These are well-known as conditional formulas. The formulas will calculate something when a certain thing is true and follow a different path if the result is false. 

When you try to work with data on your Excel spreadsheet, you will often come across the need to use IF formulas. Hence, you should know how to use them.

10. Workbook

A Workbook in Excel would be a collection of spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are available within a single file. You can use a Workbook in order to store all related Excel spreadsheets within a single location. 

This is a basic skill that all professionals who use Excel should be aware of. Even if you are working for an entry-level position, you need to have this skill.

In final words,  If you are looking for the best way to acquire these skills, you need to follow an Excel course online. Before you follow the course, make sure to go through the course content and see whether you can acquire these Excel skills.

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