10 Tools to Design Perfect Color Palettes

Planning to create a color palette for your design? Know the top tools used for building color palettes.

Wed Jul 6, 2022

10 Tools to Design Perfect Color Palettes

Designing color palettes is the first and foremost step in creating a piece of art whether it's a design or the branding of an organization. An appealing and right color palette can turn a good artwork into a great one.

But, it’s always confusing to design an aesthetically pleasing color palette, however, at the same time, it also becomes easier when you are creating a palette with a tool. Here is the list of our top picks of tools to help you design a great color palette.


One of the most amazing color palette designing platforms is coolors. Here you can create and browse through different palettes and also save, refine and effort them. This is a go-to tool for designers since it allows the user to have a complete collection of their palettes from where they can get the values in rgb, hex, hsv, etc. The platform also enables a user to export the color palettes in different formats including image, svg, code, css and several others.


Usually recommended for new bees in the field of designing, Paletton is a tool where one can design randomized palettes based on color similarity and style likeness. One of the added advantages of this tool is that one can preview their palettes before finalizing them and also see them in sample artworks and animated layouts.

Adobe Color

The online available tool, Adobe Color is the easiest color palette designing tool that comes in both the mobile and iOS versions. The links with your Adobe CC library and the built-in apps make this more convenient to use. Another feature that makes it stand out from other tools is its trends page that lets you explore the trending colors in different fields like gaming, fashion, designing and other similar creative fields.

Muzli’s Colors

Muzli’s colors is another color palette generator where one can create and edit palettes and also preview them. The platform also allows UI kits download for those palettes. One can also upload a picture on this platform and get information about the colors used.

Color Designer

Color designer is a tool that allows a user to create palettes from images and gradients. It also has added conversion tools and color miser. The platform has a number of ad banners but when someone uses it and goes in-depth, then the results are worth their efforts.


One of the most popular graphic designing tools, Canva, also enables its users to generate color palettes and export them to use in other tools. It also updates the user about each palette and also suggests to them when and where to use these palettes which can be advantageous for beginners.


Palette designer with a unique interface, Colorcode allows users to explore the different possible color combinations since one has to move the cursor on the screen to create their color palettes. This can be interesting if a person enjoys playing and experimenting with colors.

Color Inspire

This can be said as the Instagram or Pinterest of colors. On this platform, talented artists and designers share color combinations curated by them. As the name suggests, one can get great color inspiration from this platform.


The platform by Shape Factory, Pigment is a palette-building tool based on lighting and pigmentation. The shift from traditional methods of palette building makes the platform unique and great for exploring the different combinations.

Arts Experiment

The color palette generator of Google, Arts Experiment, creates color palettes from images. One can easily upload the pictures on the platform and the tool will present the color palette before you. It also shows how each color palette will look in different mediums.

Our list of top picks ends here! There are many other color palette designing tools that can help you create interesting palettes and experiment with them.

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