15 Essential LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

Wish to turn your LinkedIn Profile into an opportunity-seeking one? Know the tips to optimize it.

Sat Jul 9, 2022

15 Essential LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

LinkedIn is one of the hottest platforms for job seekers of the current times. It is extensively being used by job seekers and job givers. However, before you are approached by a recruiter you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile for better ranking on the search results and make it look professional so that you can grab the best of opportunities coming in through LinkedIn.

Below are some of the tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile according to the needs of your field.

Fill out your profile properly

You might be in a good position in your field, but you may never be approached through LinkedIn. This usually happens when your profile is not completely filled out with details, experiences, educational background, etc, and it doesn’t appear on the search results. So it’s important to make sure that you fill in all the sections.

Make a custom URL for your profile

When your first create your profile on this platform, you get an automated URL which is usually a string of numbers. But to make yourself more searchable on the platform, you need to create a custom URL of the profile. You can easily create one from the Edit Public Profile & URL settings of your profile.

Select the appropriate profile picture

You might not believe it but it’s true that a profile with a picture gets over 21 times more views as compared to a profile without an image. Not only selecting a profile picture is important, but selecting the right image is more important. When you decide upon an image as a profile picture, make sure that it is professional and is clearly visible.

Get the headline of your profile right

A headline is the first thing that a recruiter comes across when they visit your profile which is why it becomes super important to get them clear and concise. The right headline ensures that you get founded when a recruiter searches with a title.

Create an outstanding summary of your profile

All that a recruiter reads from your profile is the headline and the summary since they don’t have all the time to scroll from top to the bottom. So a good summary makes it easier for them to decide whether you are relevant for the position or not.

The deciding factor is your experience section

When it comes to deciding on a role, the recruiters prioritize your previous experiences and so look for the relevant section on your profile. Include all the relevant experiences, however, if you are someone with a long-standing experience, then you can skip adding the irrelevant ones.

Add the right keywords

When it comes to discovering potential employees on LinkedIn, recruiters prefer to search with keywords. So all you need to do is to include the relevant keywords on your profile headline, summary and skills section.

Show off your works

Another thing that can attract recruiters to your profiles is your projects, projects that stand out and makes you proud. These are the works that you must show off on your LinkedIn profile. You can add them to the featured section of your profile.

Add your skills to your profile

The skills and endorsements section is another important part of your profile. You can leverage its power by adding up to 50 skills. You can add all the skills you possess, however, make sure that they are relevant.

Get some recommendations

Think of all the people in your professional circle with whom you have had a positive interaction in the past. You can connect with them and ask them for a recommendation to add your profile. They are social proof of your work and skills.

Add accomplishments to the relevant section

Not very much important but the recommended section to add to your profile is the Accomplishments. You can add all that you have to show them off, projects, multiple languages, publications, awards, no matter what they are, add them.

Add your interests

Although this section is not for attracting opportunities, however, adding your interests may recommend you people that can be helpful to you in some or the other way. As an example, if you wish to work for a travel company, you can add different companies in the field to the interest section of your profile.

Add the #Opentowork tag on your profile

Adding the tag of open to work to your profile makes it easier for the recruiters to know whether you are looking out for new opportunities or not. When you add this to your profile, it’s easier for recruiters to make a decision about approaching you.

Always write in the first person

Many people on LinkedIn write in the third person, but, IT’S A BIG NO! Whenever you write something on your profile, make sure to write in the first person. Writing in the first-person sounds professional while the third person sounds fake.

Remain active and maximize your network

Being active on the platform is very important especially if you are looking out for a job opportunity. When you are active on the platform, there are maximum chances that you will be the first one to catch the recruiters' attention when they are looking for candidates for a role.

Also, since LinkedIn is a networking platform, it’s important to maximize your network by connecting with more and more people.

Now that you know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you can start optimizing your profile and come up with an impactful profile.

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