Become a 2D Animator: Courses, Salaries, Jobs, & Skills

Do you want to become an animator? Let’s take a look at what a career as a 2D animator looks like.


Do you like creating 2D animations? Then you can think about getting a job as a 2D animator. As a 2D Animator, you will have to develop 2D animations with backgrounds, characters, and storyboards, so that you can bring stories to life. There are multiple tools that you can use to create 2D animations as well. 

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, and Adobe After Effects are some popular tools. 2D Animators have the opportunity to work for numerous industries as well. You can even work for design firms or animation studies. On the other hand, some people prefer to go ahead with working as independent freelance 2D Animators.

How would your day-to-day life look like a 2D Animator?

As a 2D Animator, you will be able to develop backgrounds, characters, and storyboards, so that you can bring life to stories in 2D format. It is also possible for you to create visual effects and animations for video games, mobile devices, and advertisements as a 2D Animator. Unless you work as a freelancer, you will have to be a part of a team. For example, you will have to work with game designers, animators, art directors, and few other related professionals. Marketing agencies, picture and video studios, software companies, and tech companies offer some great opportunities for qualified and skilled 2D Animators.

When you deep dive and take a look at the daily schedule of a 2D Animator, you will notice that they create 2D animations from sketches and go all the way up to creating finalized products. Creating 2D animations is not an easy thing to do. Just to create a 30-second advertisement, you will have to spend hours in front of the computer. Hence, you should be in a position to remain patient and stay committed until you get the work done.

On a typical day, a 2D Animator will have to do a variety of tasks, such as modeling, painting, drawing, concept work, brainstorming, developing timelines, and reviewing deadlines. You will also have to present your work to team members or clients and receive their feedback. On top of that, you will have to meet actors, and assist with storyboarding, scripting, and background design creation.

What are the skills you need to have to work as a 2D Animator?

Some of the software applications that you have to work with as a 2D Animator include Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro. It is important for you to be highly skilled in computer animation, hand-drawn animation, and creating computer-generated animations.

Here's a list of some skills you need to have as a 2D animator:

⦁ Sketching
⦁ Color sense
⦁ Ability to research
⦁ Ability to use appropriate software tools
⦁ Creative skills
⦁ Visual storytelling skills

If you have to work for a team, the teamwork skills you have will also contribute a lot towards the success that you can secure as a 2D animator. Moreover, the skills you have in meeting deadlines and leading a team can benefit you as you grow up in your career ladder as a 2D Animator. You will always have to present your work to the clients and receive their feedback. Therefore, you should be willing to keep your ego aside and listen to other people.

What software should you know to become a 2D animator?

⦁ Adobe Photoshop
⦁ Adobe Illustrator
⦁ Adobe After Effects
⦁ Toon Boom
⦁ Character Animator
⦁ Adobe Animate

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How much can I earn as a 2D Animator?

According to recent statistics, an average 2D animator based in India earns an annual salary of INR 1 million. The starting salary would be INR 300,000.

Depending on your skills and qualifications, you can secure a better salary. That’s why it is always important for you to be mindful about uplifting your skills. Then you will not have to worry too much about the income that you earn for all your hard work.

What courses should I follow to become a 2D Animator?

There are multiple skills you need to possess to work as a 2D Animator. To gain these skills, you will come across the need to do multiple courses. There are courses in 2D animation. The best thing you can do is to follow such a course. Likewise, you may also follow bachelor’s level courses in digital arts, illustration, computer animation, fine arts, communications, or media arts. There are animators who have their master’s in fine arts in visual effects or animation. However, you need to understand that paper qualifications cannot help you to land in a perfect job as a 2D Animator. You will also need to have excellent animation and drawing skills to become a 2D Animator.

How to look for a job as a 2D Animator?

As a 2D Animator, you can either work independently or for a company. If you decide to work independently, you can take a look at the freelancing platforms where you can find work.,, and are some of the best freelancing platforms available out there.

If you come up with the decision to do a job, you will notice that opportunities are available in multiple companies. They include marketing agencies, animation studios, software companies, and even tech companies. You can find available job opportunities on websites such as, Google Jobs, Angelllist, and Behance.

You can start off your career as a key animator. Then you can climb up in the career ladder until you become an Art Director. In order to do that, you should develop your leadership skills and business management skills. On the other hand, 2D Animators are also capable of maintaining an adjacent career, such as a 3D animator.

Final words

We hope we shared all the important facts that a person who is willing to become a 2D Animator should be aware of. It is up to you to take a look at these facts and then go ahead with the decision to become a 2D Animator. You will need to sharpen your skills because that’s what matters to become an expert in animations. If you are a person with creativity, becoming a successful 2D Animator will not be something that you will have to struggle with. Keep the facts in mind and go ahead with obtaining your qualifications. You can also polish your skills, and you can become the best 2D Animator out there.

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