Benefits of Learning in Your Mother Tongue

Whenever and Wherever you speak your native language, take pride in that.

Wed Jun 22, 2022

Benefits of Learning in Your Mother Tongue

One may know several languages, however, a mother tongue is the language in which a person is most comfortable in every situation. This makes the mother tongue the most suitable and preferred language to learn anything. Although the world has been acknowledging that the educational institutions across the prefer to teach in other languages. The situation is same in India as the institutes here prefer English as the medium of teaching rather than local languages. In the cycle, students have been losing out on the benefits of learning in their mother tongue.

Well, if you wish to start learning in your mother tongue, here are some key features to boost your thought of learning in your native language.

An Intellectual Development

Several studies prove that learning in the mother tongue directly influences the intellectual development of the students. They tend to learn faster in their native language since they are already fluent it. Researches suggest that since the times immortal, teaching and learning in the mother tongue has led to a greater achievements especially for those who study in different mediums. Also, analytical, logical and reasoning skills improve when you learn in your mother language.

Cultural Development

Speaking other languages may be beneficial for your and you my greatly influence the society around you, however, the biggest disadvantage of this that your mother language may be struggling hard to survive. In a society like India where people are jumping the bandwagon to learn English to build a career for themselves, there exists languages that are losing their existence. Till date many languages that have gone extinct since they couldn’t survive as no one took them forward. Preferring your mother tongue over other languages is something that will keep these languages still rooted in our culture. You should go for learning other languages but never ever forget your mother tongue.

Commercial Benefits and Improved Communication Skills

Another benefit of knowing your native language is that you can turn it into a business opportunity with the right skillset. When you start a business, the first thing you do is to connect with the local businesses and services. You will be able to connect in a better way only if you can have a conversation with them in your mother tongue because others may or may not know the other languages. Not only this, you also improve your communication skills while communicating in your native language, this is because of the fact that you are more confident at the time.

Ease in making study notes

Textbooks may be in other languages but to learn things better, you again need the help of your mother language. Every time when your read those textbooks, you will only encounter complex words rather than understanding the context. Therefore, study notes in your mother tongue makes it easier for you to learn things.

Strong Foundation for Learning Any Skill

When you are rooted to your mother tongue, then you can learn literally any skill by transferring it to your native language. This way all you will get the knowledge in a language that you know well. It will decrease your learning time while increase your efficiency.

Increase in Confidence Level

No matter what you aspire to be and where you wish to see yourself in the future, knowing your native language always boosts your confidence and at the same time increases a sense of awareness in you. You will quickly adapt the things if you can understand them in your mother language.orem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

The Pride

Above all, the complete knowledge of your mother tongue is a matter of pride for every individual. It is the one that shapes your career and helps in personal as well as cultural development. So, whenever you speak your native language, take pride in that.

Final Words

These are only a few benefits of learning in your native language, however, when you will prefer your language over other languages, you will sense a difference in yourself.

Mansi Soni

An India-based writer and co-author of "Words That Were Never Said" loves traveling and reading literature.
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