How To Learn Animation For Beginners: 2d Animation Best Online Course

A complete guide of the best methods to learn 2d animation online for beginners. A valuable recommendation at the end!

12 Nov 2021

How to learn animation for beginners online? 

Animation is currently one of the most sought-after digital skills, paying a considerably good amount of money. So, if you are searching for the best online animation courses for beginners, you have stopped at the right station, at the right time! 

In this article, we are going to help you find your way through learning 2d animation the right way, being a beginner. We are going to cover the most foundational and vital factors about learning this highly demanded skill. Furthermore, here you will find the choicest set of tips that no one tells beginners when they start off. Towards the end, we have an amazing source for you to learn 2d animation as a beginner in India. If you aren't from India, this article will still be useful for you as it serves as the only guide you will ever need. 

2D Animation

To bring stories to life in 2D, 2D animators create storyboards, characters, and backgrounds. Some 2D animators work on mobile devices, video games, commercials, and other types of media to generate animations and visual effects.

Animation is much more than just a moving set of drawings.

  • Animation is visual storytelling.
  • Requires the Idea of Acting and Observation.
  • Drawing & Graphic Design Skills
  • Cinematography knowledge (composition/staging)
  • Sense of weight and Timing, Animation software Skills (Adobe  Animate,  Adobe Character Animate,  Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, etc) & Other Technicalities

Using the best 2D animation programs will help you improve your animation skills. 

Things to keep in mind 

If you are planning to hone your 2d animation skills online, there are some aspects you need to pay attention to. It is not a decision between life and death or something. But, with these small steps in the right direction, learning 2d animation online can be a smooth journey. 

RESEARCH! [On full volume]

We think you are a smart one to be planning your own way out through this. Considering that, we also think you are doing your research about it right now. However, the research is not only essential for finding links to good websites. You need to also reach the depths of 2d animation. In simpler terms, before you start to invest any money or time, know if that's worth it.

Spend a good deal of time studying what learning basic 2d animation requires. You must know what's new and hot in the animation industry, and what's outdated. This will help you plan things out smartly and save you more time than you think. Connect with people who know 2d animation and ask for their suggestions.

Choose the right sources to learn the basics

Just like any other skill in the world, your clarity with basics decides how far you go. So, if you want to go a long way in this field, learn 2d animation basics the right way. And by the right way, we mean, from the right source. 

If you are planning to learn them for free, mark our words, YouTube would be your best friend. Of course, it won't be as insightful for you as a proper course. But, if you want to know the city before you shift to it, YouTube can be the tour guide you need. 

When it comes to choosing online animation courses, pay attention to reviews and ratings by people who have completed them earlier. Navigate through the course content and compare it with your research. Especially, if it is a paid course, you have to make sure it serves you for how much you pay. 

"Free" doesn't mean compromise

No one wants to spend unreasonable sums of money when they are just starting off. There is nothing wrong with taking up free courses or inexpensive courses. However, a course with reasonable rates or a free one doesn't necessarily have to be inferior to high-end courses. This applies to your 2d animation online course too.

There are several individuals and companies offering informative and useful content at reasonable rates. So, the key here is to not leave any page unturned. Take your time to analyze all the course options available. Then, choose something that fits your expectations and budget both.

Don't wait for get work to start animating

If you want well-paid opportunities after you learn animation, this point is really important. Learning 2d animation online and becoming an animator are two different things.

You can learn and understand all you want. But, in order to be called a good animator, you have to actually animate. And that is not just while you are learning. As soon as you learn the basic things required, start creating your animations. Apply what you learn. In this way, by the time you actually decide to start working as a full-time or freelance animator, you will have plenty of work to show. 

The catch is to play smart and strengthen your portfolio. Try to keep your personal projects unique, meeting industry standards. They should reflect your creativity, your personality as an animator, as well as your potential to serve people something new with every animation. 

Here's An Option For You!

Well, we have told you so much about choosing the right courses, researching, and spending time and money in the right direction. If you also think this is the right approach, we can help you out pretty well. if you are wondering how to learn 2d animation at home, we may be able to assist you in the correct manner. We, at SkillSiya, have performed days and months of research about this. Not just for this article, but thorough research for 2d animation as a skill. 

We have come up with a course with the most wholesome, beginner-friendly, and insightful syllabus. Our India's best award winner trainers have spent an equal amount of effort to curate the most high-quality content, as per current trends for beginners. 

In India, you can hardly find Hindi courses that teach you as nicely as English courses. Even if you come across any, they are way too expensive. Since there is a lack of good Hindi course options, there is no way left for most learners but to pay high fees. 

To help all you animation enthusiasts with these issues, we have launched our own Complete 2d animation course in Hindi. Speaking of the fee, you'd be amazed to find that it is the most affordable option ever. As we mentioned earlier, free or inexpensive content doesn't have to be of poor quality. To prove that, we insist that you go through our course syllabus and confirm for yourself!

How SkillSiya Can Help You

We have been in the business long enough to understand that learning digital skills is not a cakewalk for freshers. Moreover,  technology is going to take over the world very soon and that's is inevitable. There are enough stats to prove that in the next 5-10 years, thousands of new jobs will appear and disappear. 

To help the young generation stay prepared for the technology-driven future, we are taking this initiative. SkillSiya aims to train the youth of India in the most in-demand skills at present. What makes us stand out is that our prime focus is on providing Core Job Skills training in Hindi, considering Indian students. We understand that students find it difficult to invest too much in courses. Thus, SkillSiya's other prime concern is to provide superior quality courses at the most affordable rates. 

We would love to have you join our family and learn a skill that would secure your future efficiently. How do you feel about the 2d animation course in Hindi?

We would love to know if you like SkillSiya's vision!  Feel free to connect with us in the comments.

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