Scope of a Motion Graphics Artist in India in 2022

Are you a Motion Graphics Artist or want to become one? If yes, then know about the scope of a career in the field in India.

Sat Jun 11, 2022

Scope of a Motion Graphics Artist in India in 2022

With new career trends popping up every few days, more and more individuals are willing to take up these lesser-known career pathways and make a name for themselves in the field. One such career is Motion Graphics Artist. With the advent of new technologies, techniques and tools, the field is becoming increasingly popular. There are multiple kinds of designers in the field that work on creating UI, user experience, web, graphics, etc that are increasing in number with the technological advancements.

A motion graphics artist in collaboration with film and show makers works on expanding their imagination and then creating innovative and creative things. Without the existence of motion graphics artists, it was impossible to come up with such creativity.

But wait! You might be wondering what a motion graphics artist exactly do and how you can get started with a career in the field. Well, stay connected till the end to get an answer to these questions.

What does a Motion Graphics Artist exactly do?

Known for being creative minds with artistic skills, Motion Graphics Artists work on creating moving creatures, scenes, words, text, etc for movies, shows and TV advertisements. They also hold specializations in creating game layouts, characters and levels.

The movies with creative visuals are the sole work of these creative motion graphics artists as they create impressive visual effects that captivate human minds. Additionally, they have complete knowledge of the tools and software required for creating basic graphics to high-level motion graphics. They also have a better understanding of the requirements and advancements in the field of motion graphics.

Future Scope for a Motion Graphics Artist

When it comes to making a career in the motion graphics industry, individuals prefer to hone their technical skills and learn software techniques and tools. After getting their hands on software and tools, a professional motion graphics artist typically earns somewhere between Rs 480,572 and Rs 900,000 while if they are freelancers, they can earn between Rs 100,000 and Rs 575,000 annually. Even a fresher in the field can earn between Rs 220,000 to Rs 600,000 with the basic knowledge and understanding.

Well, before an individual gets started in the field, they need to understand that their their skills and understanding of the things are the only key factors that will make them stand out from other individuals in the field. Therefore, it becomes important to properly and apply those learnings practically to improve your skills and understanding.

With the advancements in technologies, the field is expanding and bringing up more opportunities for the creative minds. It can be said that a career in this field has more scope than a career in any other field. So, if you are one of the individuals that want to pursue a career in the Motion Graphics field, then this is the right time to get started.

Where does a Motion Graphics Artist work?

Movie, video and game industries are the most preferred choices of a motion graphics artist since these industries not only give opportunities to showcase their creative skills but also give them the opportunity to learn newer things and improve their skillsets. Motion graphics artists are also the key members of the advertising firms and agencies, scientific service firms, TV stations, etc.

With the growing competition in the business organizations, many a company prefer to hire skilled motion graphics artists to develop creative explainer videos. These videos help their targeted audience to understand the products and services provided by the companies in a better way and approach them whenever they think of a similar service.

Motion graphics artists are also a part of the production teams of gaming and videos as they are skilled in Typography, Promo making, video editing, etc. The increasing competition in such industries has made motion graphics artists an inseparable part of these industries.

How to become a Motion Graphics Artist?

If one wishes to become a motion graphics artist, they need to learn the fundamentals of designing and animation and get their hands on the most used software in the industry which include After Effects, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and Apple Motion.

After they develop an understanding of the fundamentals and learn the basics of the software, the next step is to polish their skills. It requires a lot of practice while adding more to your skillset. Also, one needs to improve their communication and teaming skills to communicate and work with the team in an effective manner. Having a good understanding of audio design and color theory is an added advantage when it comes to working in a team.

Educational Requirements

Although you can become a motion graphics artist after completing your senior secondary degree, it is important to get a bachelor's degree since most companies hire employees with a bachelor's degree and prefer individuals with an associate degree in the field. Besides these, no additional requirements are needed to pursue the career of a motion graphics artist.


If an individual desires to be a motion graphics artist, then they need to learn the basics of the field and the software, tools and techniques used in the field.

Since the field is growing at an ever-increasing rate and bringing up more opportunities, there can be no better time to kick start a career in the field. 

So, Don’t Wait and Get Started Now.

Mansi Soni

An India based writer and co-author of "Words That Were Never Said" loves travelling and reading literature.

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